Saturday, April 8, 2017

Highlander Kittens!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Our Elderly are Suffering!

It's so sad to see someone you love living in squaller when they have done so much for others ~ yourself included over their lifetime.

 I never do this, but I created a fund raiser for someone very special to me and I have included an embedded link in this blog post.

 I know, I know, I hate these things too, I really do.  I always feel so bad when I can only donate so little.  Plus, I sometimes question the authenticity of the request for funds.  I can promise you that Betty is a real person, and I honestly, have not met a kinder soul.

If the situation were reversed, she would be right here typing this up for me.  She is always lending a a helping hand to others, be it via hard work (that she is not supposed to be doing due to her triple bypass surgery) lending an ear, or even giving up her last dollar to help a friend, or someone she feels needs it more than she does.

Within the past three years, 71-year-old Betty has
·         lost a beloved son,
·         lost a brother,
·         been hit by a tornado,
·         been in a car accident,
·         had triple by-pass surgery,
·         lost her job.
·         Stove no longer works
·         Washing machine, no longer works
·         Needs to purchase headstone for her beloved son
·         Needs to fix her home
·         Needs to fix her septic tank.

Betty has always been a very giving, generous person, willing to help anyone in need.  Now, she is the one in need of help, and doesn’t like to ask for it, so I am asking on her behalf.  After the hardships, and tragedies of the past three years, Betty is left bereft and close to destitute.  She has no stove to cook upon and no washing machine to wash clothes in ~ and no funds to purchase either one. Her septic tank is backing up into her back yard!  She hasn’t the funds to fix it.  Her treasured son has no headstone; she still owes thousands on funeral expenses.  Her house still needs work from the tornado ~ one wall of her trailer wobbles if you touch it!  She is more than willing to work, but it’s hard to get hired anywhere if you are a 71-year-old triple bypass patient with a rough running vehicle.  I hope you can find it in your heart to help this warm, giving woman, our elderly should be revered, not disposed of.  Betty needs $20,000.00 to cover funeral expenses, headstone, fix the wall and roof of her house, get a used stove, and maybe a washing machine, and have the septic tank in her yard fixed. 

If you can donate even a dollar, it will be deeply appreciated.  Thank you so much for listening.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Kitten Update!

I am lucky enough to have several wonderful people that send me photo updates of the kittens they have adopted over the years.

Last year, when Spooky kitty had her very first litter, I was thrilled!  Spooky proved to be our most wonderful mother ever!  She does have some ...minor quirks.

Spooky is a lovely smokey black Highlander (you can see her below with one of her babies)
Spooky and one of her kittens
One of Spooky's quirks is ~ she MUST have her kittens either in a particular desk drawer OR in a cat carrier at my feet.  Spooky Requires that the cat carrier be left in that same spot for a minimum of one week prior to moving her and her kittens to their own room.   The reason for this requirement is because when Spooky has kittens, she wants to give them all to my son.  So, whenever he is sitting in one spot for an extended period of time, she gathers her kittens one by one and places them all on his lap.

If, heaven forbid, another mama cat has kittens laying around, she is going to steal them.  Spooky LOVES her babies, loves her boy and loves LOVE.  Spooky passes this on to each and everyone of her babies.  She is just such a special cat.  I really appreciate her sweet personality.  We looked forward to her first babies on pins and needles!  

When they finally arrived we were just thrilled.  They were not only very loving like mama, but so smart!  We actually taught one of them (Wolfie) to sit up on command and give us 10.  (two paws up)  They were so cool.

One of our Adopters got a kitten from Spookies first litter....and then when Spooky had her next litter a year later...they got another one of her special babies.  Everyone loves a Spooky baby:) 
These folks have been kind enough to send me photo up dates of the kittens as they have grown.  I am now sharing them with you because they are so beautiful! 

Lola and Lorenzo
The two stunning cats you see above are Lola (the first Spooky baby) and the newest addition Lorenzo.  They both still have some growing to do.  Such different looks and personalities, but both of these babies are so sweet and very well loved in their forever home!

Just wanted to share an update on a couple of spooky babies!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Annual Tack Sale and Chili Supper!

I have never done this before, but as you all know, I am a lover of horses...and the tack that goes with them.  So, I am shamelessly plugging this event!

Clinton County Bits and Spurs
Annual Tack Sale and Chili Supper

Saturday, March 12th 2016 at 5:00pm
Clinton County Fairgrounds
                                              Frankfort, Indiana

New and used tack from
Brookston Tack and Feed Store

Tack swap and Sale tables available

     $15.00 a table

                            Silent Auction
    Ends at 7:00pm
                                      (Must be present to win)

Chili Supper
                    Served from 5:00pm - 7:30pm

For additional info / table reservations call:Barb – 765-337-7979 or Tracy 765-491-0569

Comfort Cat Update!

The emails I have received asking for updates on Comfort cat have been overwhelming.  I am so proud to have such wonderful, warm, caring people out there interested in the goings-ons of Forever Kittens Cattery and it's inhabitants.

I know I have been remiss in keeping you all updated.  Rather than send out a ton of personal responses to emails, I have finally made it back to the blog to give you all the long awaited update.

As I had predicted, comfort cat was perfectly fine and normal looking when he left for his new home.  A tiny scratch among kittens playing rough and tumble with one another does happen from time to time.  It has never been an issue, and I certainly did not expect it to be one this time.

A close up of comfort cat 

Note that his eye is fine ~ though he didn't appreciate the bright lights.

~ What everyone really wants to know is...where did he go?  What amazing family was able to adopt comfort cat?

Admittedly, I did have my ideas (again) about who should adopt comfort cat, I thought perhaps someone that had a struggle of their own that had worked through it would be a lovely match for comfort cat.  The new person would hear comfort cats story, see that comfort cat is healed and feel as if they were "kindred spirits" of sorts.

~ Is that what happened?  No.  That is not what happened.  We poured through the adoption applications, looking for just the right family (or special person)  I, with my grand ideas, Comfort Cat with his wishes for a cuddle buddy...and after much discussion we settled upon a family with two wonderful children that would adore Comfort Cats amazing ability to know when it's okay to cuddle and when it's time to play.  I was hesitant at first, still holding onto the idea that Comfort Cat should be with just the right family.  Then it occurred to me...This IS the right family.   These people are warm, and caring, and kind.  After speaking with them several time over the phone and sending many texts and emails, I realized that "YES!"  This is the perfect match!  This is the family that will benefit the most from Comfort Cat, and that Comfort cat will benefit the most from.

There is a little girl out there right now cuddled down with comfort cat purring away on her lap and a proud Mom and Dad looking gazing upon the scene satisfied that they have a new heartbeat in their home that will bring them joy for many years to come.

That's what it's all about

A Photo of comfort cat a few days before he left for his new home. 

The Rest of the Story ....

The next burning question for everyone was ... "Did he get a name?!"  

 ~ yes

His new name is "Briggs"   

A very dignified, sturdy, and noble name for a very  dignified, sturdy and noble cat!

Briggs in his new home! 
The last photo is of Briggs in one of his favorite spots, cuddled up with a human in his new home.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Kitten Who Lost His Name

This story is about a kitten who was once named Zues.  Zues is the son of our lovely Spooky and our Handsome Tonka. 
Zues didn’t always have that name.  (But more on that later) The name given to him by his mama was “Comfort.”  You see, Zues was a comfort kitten.  He did not use his big ol poly paws to swat his sister or brother, he did not use his big ol poly paws to grab his Mama’s tail.  He planted his big ol poly paws on humoms legs each and every time she came into the room.  When humom picked up the little wide-eyed kitten he would plant his big ol poly paws on her chest, look her square in the eye and say in his little kitten voice
“I am here for you, and I love you.”
 Comfort cat wanted only to love others.  His interest lay solely in the attention of humans.

Comfort cat was special, he played gently with his cunning brother, he out smarted his bully sister and he was always, always, the first one to greet humom when she came in the nursery to check on them.  Comfort cat needed a special home.  Comfort cat needed a home where he could comfort someone.  Someone that needed him.  The first family to ask about him was turned down because they didn’t need him, they wanted a kitten that would rough house on the floor with the kids.  Humom did look dubiously at his sister Spectress for a few moments…and then recommended another breeder that would have just such a kitten.

   Humom daydreamed about Zues joining a family that would need him, just as much as he needed a human to comfort.  She pictured a small child in a wheel chair in which Comfort cat would sit upon the lap of the child throughout the day purring in sheer bliss.  Humom imagined Comfort cat with an elderly woman that just wanted to watch a kitten play with the yarn and would watch t.v. with her.  Humom imagined Comfort cat with a small child that was sickly and needed a friend, she envisioned little Comfort cat becoming the child’s constant companion, in the car, at home, on the way to the Doctor, there would be Comfort cat.   Or maybe a rebellious teenager that wore black all the time, and felt very sad inside, and there…would be Comfort cat. 
Tiny Tim Via Pinterest 

Hmm the possibilities were endless.  The second family that called about Comfort cat was a top contender, they had a little girl who wanted more than anything to have a kitten for Christmas.  They were a lovely family, but in the end…they didn’t need Comfort cat.  Comfort cat had to go to a very special home. 
Finally, the call came in, the call for Comfort cat, a young boy that had battled Leukemia wanted nothing less than a Mighty Highlander to call his own for Christmas!  Oh Joy!  This was the family for Comfort cat.  The young boy promptly gave his kitten the Mighty name of “Zues!”  aaah a wonderful name for a Comfort cat, strong, yet understanding.  Yes, Zues was a good name and the deal was sealed!
Humom was quite pleased with herself for holding out for the perfect home for each of the kittens, especially Comfort cat ~ oops ~ I mean the Mighty Zues!
Zues loved his new role, he was anxiously awaiting the day he got to meet his own boy that would love him and he would be able to comfort the boy when needed.  Zues was pleased.
The bully Spectress swatted Zues right in the eye!  Zues squinted, Zues meowed…Zues smacked her back!  Spectress showed her remorse by attacking Lorenzo.   Humom did the right thing and attended to the right eye of Zues immediately, administering a triple antibiotic ointment to his little eye.  Looking, very, very closely, humom could see the two, very tiny scratches on the eye of Zues.  Ah well, no matter, Zues snuggled down with his Mama Spooky, who licked his head, and Zues kicked his Sister, who meowed at him in complaint and Zues swatted Lorenzo who then jumped on his Sisters head.  Yep, all is well in Highlander land.
Humom continued to administer the ointment to the eye of Zues, and took him to the Veterinarian for a checkup as well.  The veterinarian peered closely at the eye of Zues (who purred up at her happily) and pronounced his eye as healing quite well.  She even commented on his good behavior whilst she did her exam on him.  Zues purred happily at the attention.  Zues was happy to comfort the gentle vet and the smiling humom.  He was so excited to meet his new boy! 
Then there was the moment of the great tragedy, the tragedy when Zues, the Mighty, lost his name
….you see, when humom told the Mother of the boy about the eye of Zues,  and sent a picture to show off to the Mother how very well the eye was healing and how very happy he was at the Veterinarians office…the Mother of the boy changed her mind. 
Picture from the Vets office

 She said she no longer wanted Zues for her boy, not with an injured eye!  Without a boy, the mighty Zues, no longer had his name, you see the name that comes from your special human is given to you straight from the heart.  Zues could no longer be called Zues by a human that would no longer be his. 
Thus, we now have Comfort cat, he is available to comfort the right person in the right home.  He may grow up to have a tiny white spot in his eyes as a reminder of his lost name.  The Veterinarian says that because he is so young, he may not ever have a tiny white spot.  I think he will, I think Comfort cat will carry it with him to show the world that even though he does not look perfect on the outside, his inside is most beautiful thing about him.  Comfort cat will await his new human and his new name with pride and with dignity.  Just know that even if he does have a tiny white spot in his eye, he will still play fetch 2000 times with the little clothe mouse, he will still climb his way up to your lap when you are seated, he will still put his big ol polly paws on your chest, look you square in the eyes and say
“I am here for you, and I love you.”
Comfort Cat 12/12/2015

Do you need a comfort cat?  If so, please contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about our kitten that lost his name. 
Forever Kittens Spooky
Written by: Spooky, Mother of Comfort Cat
Comforts eye today 12/12/2015
Extra Information about Comfort Cat, 
He is a Male Highlander, 
Natural Short Tail
Curled Ears
Poly Toes
His Deposit has been forfeited by the 
former adopter ~ Merry Christmas to his new
family!  This is $200 off of his fee!
He is officially ready for his new home on 
January 3, 2015.  By that time, his eye will most likely show no signs of having ever been scratched. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Catch a Wild Indiana Gate!

When we first spied the wild gate, it was so well camouflaged that we thought it was a large pallet of the of the simple "to carry big things" species.

We crept up to the "pallet"  slowly, so as not to startle it.  It stayed put..imagine our surprise when we noted that it was actually a wild Indiana gate!  A rare native of the land.  A gate of this type is rarely seen, untamed and in the wild.  Sure, once in awhile, we may come across an older wild Indiana gate, a mere shadow of it's former self, but still limping along, or sometimes even a fossil here and there.  This gate was a fine specimen!  Fairly young and spry from the looks of it.

We decided to capture the gate and tame it for ourselves.  The gate hunkered down for a fight, it really hung in there.  Wrapped in branches of old dead trees, and underneath large logs for safety the gate was difficult to move.

Wild Indiana Gate
 We were determined, we brought out the ropes, we lassoed, tied, we tugged, we pulled, and ...finally we subdued the stubborn gate.

We noted a bit of a broken patch that explained why such a young gate was found out in the wild like this.  We think maybe it was a farmers cull from a semi tame herd nearby.  We quickly chose to take him home and patch him up and get to work on taming this wild Indiana Gate.

In the photo below you see the Wild Indiana after his capture, defeated and unharmed, he is ready to get home and begin a new life protecting the soft muzzles of the horses of ...
Windy Hill

The Wild Indiana Gate subdued!